Guardrail, bollards, safety railing, and other safety equipment are all designed to protect people and property from dangerous and costly accidents. Industrial storage Solutions is committed to ensuring that your facility is as safe as it can be. One of the major benefits of different guardrail solutions is a safer work environment for your employees, your machinery, and your products. Heavy-duty guardrail is designed to protect your facility from all types of trucks or lifts, including forklifts. Guardrail is designed to take an impact instead of one of your employees or something in your facility. This safety precaution can prevent injuries to your staff, as well as thousands of dollars in repairs or replacement equipment.

Industrial storage Solutions sells and installs a number of different guardrail and guarding products. Some of these products are listed below.

  • Heavy-Duty Guardrail – Provides key protection against collection accidents (primarily accidents involving forklifts).
  • Rack Aisle Protectors –This safety precaution shields the aisle-ends of your rack from warehouse traffic.
  • Rack Post Protectors –Protects rack frames from collisions.
  • Bollards –Vertical steel cylinder designed to protect equipment and machinery from collision.
  • Rack Guards –Protect your inventory from falling out of racking and injuring employees and/or damaging the inventory.