Industrial Storage Solutions, manufactures and installs, mezzanine floors of excellent quality and value for money. The mezzanine flooring services we offer will allow you to benefit from years of experience.

We have +30 years experience in Steel Structure Mezzanine Floor.

We offer the following in Mezzanine Loads:

250 kg/m² - Light loads (Offices and light storage)
350 kg/m² - Light loads (Light storage)
500 kg/m² - Medium Loads (light machines, motor parts)
750 kg/m² - Heavy Loads (heavy machines, heavy storage)
1000 kg/m² - Super Heavy loads (Motors parking, Motor service)

We offer a wide arrange of decking media:

  1. 21mm Plywood
  2. 32mm Plywood
  3. Open steel floor panels
  4. Close steel floor panels

All Mezzanine floors will include:

Once you have purchased our mezzanine floors, you can rest assured that we will manage any project completely, whether it is single-tier or multi-tier mezzanine floors.

  • Free no-obligation quotation, so we can show you what is possible in your existing premises
  • Design service, that may include CAD designs
  • Installations are done by our trained professionals

Industrial Storage Solutions provides mezzanine floors for retail, warehouse, production & office space.

What Are Mezzanine Floors?

Mezzanine floors are free standing structures that are semi-permanent flooring. This creates more floor space which can be used for storage, production or office space.

So Why Get Mezzanine Floors?

  • When getting mezzanine floors, it can save you and your business major expenses and the headache of moving to a new building. As our mezzanine floors  are installed within the existing space of the building or room.
  • Because of this mezzanine floors will offer you an easy way to create more space. 
  • Also since mezzanine floors are not a permanent part of you buildings structures, it can be moved or removed to fit your space and needs in the future.
  • Our mezzanine floors are also customizable, so it is made to fit your needs and space perfectly. 

What should you think of before getting Mezzanine Floors?

  • What is the purpose of the Mezzanine Floors?
  • Will the Mezzanine Floors allow for easy access and be a practical solution?
  • Make sure to choose the right design for your space and needs
  • Make sure that your ensure safety.
  • Will your space still have good ventilation?
  • When getting Mezzanine Floors keep possible expansions or relocations in mind.