Industrial Storage Solutions, manufactures and installs, mezzanine floors of excellent quality and value for money. The mezzanine flooring services we offer will allow you to benefit from years of experience.

We have +30 years experience in Steel Structure Mezzanine Floor.

We offer the following in Mezzanine Loads:

250 kg/m² - Light loads (Offices and light storage)
350 kg/m² - Light loads (Light storage)
500 kg/m² - Medium Loads (Light machines, motor parts)
750 kg/m² - Heavy Loads (Heavy machines, heavy storage)

We offer a wide arrange of decking media:

  1. 21mm Plywood
  2. 32mm Plywood
  3. Open steel floor panels
  4. Close steel floor panels

All Mezzanine floors include:

  • Free site visit and survey
  • Free no-obligation quotation
  • CAD Design and Drawings
  • Manufacture
  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • Sign Off

What are the advantages of a mezzanine?

The main advantage of a mezzanine is to create a significant amount of additional space without having to do any serious civil work on the building itself. A new dwelling of almost any size can be very inexpensively incorporated into an existing building or constructed as a standalone unit.

When other options for increased space include expanding a building, moving to a new property, or constructing a new main floor, it’s easy to see that mezzanine flooring is one of the most efficient ways to considerably expand the floor space of your warehouse or factory.

This type of floor is also particularly useful when you have a have a very tall building with a lot of vertical space. This allows you to use the total volume of the building much more efficiently without making major changes to the floor below.

How can mezzanines be used?

There are several ways to use mezzanines in industrial environments. These can be smaller apartments for single use or very large apartments that cover a wide area of ??the building and can be used for multiple purposes.


One of the most popular uses for mezzanines is as additional storage space. Even a simple metal frame with a solid base and sufficient load-bearing capacity creates considerable additional storage space for boxes, packages, equipment and pallet racks.

With this type of use, it is important to consider the entrances and exits. Stairs may be sufficient for retrieving smaller items from the storage area, but heavy equipment or full pallets may require an elevator or an access point where a forklift can drive into position on the floor below and drop items from the mezzanine level above.